6.0 in progressLet us be the last shop that ever touches your 6.0. There are a lot of trucks out there that have been through the mill at this point, the 6.0 is getting old, most of them have been in the shop, and a lot of them are still causing problems. Most likely if you're reading this page yours is too, you're wondering why, after you were promised a "fixed" truck, is it still eating your lunch. You need a shop that's different, one that's got a few tricks up their sleeve that the others don't, Thats us. Every truck that comes in for head gaskets gets the cab removed, engine torn down, heads resurfaced in house on our own surface grinder-leaving a much higher quality finish than any standard head machine, block surface cleaned and prepared using the Ford approved procedure (No shortcuts here, your block is needs the same care as the heads, and most power or air surfacing techniques will damage it, they remove too much material in an uncontrolled way, everything done here is by hand.), and then re-assembled with OEM gaskets and ARP head studs, a new oil cooler, one of our EGR solutions, and all new high pressure O-rings and feed tubes. All other parts are thoroughly inspected and replaced if necessary. This is also a good time to do any other maintenance or upgrades you would like to have done like HPOPs, Turbos, etc. Most of these require no additional labor charges when done with head gaskets. After the truck is completely reassembled, an oil and filter change is done, we test drive the truck, checking for drivability problems, making sure once it's out our door you're happy.

Back in 2010 ARP came out with a new lube for torqing their head studs, and at the same time changed the recommended torque spec to 210 Ft/lbs, we were using the black onyx head gaskets at the time, and as soon as we started using the new torque from ARP, we had 5 trucks come back in one month with blown gaskets again. We imediatly went back to the old torque specs, and had no more problems. At the same time we also realized the the black onyx gaskets, which were marketed as being a huge upgrade because the sealant coating covered the whole gasket surface instead of just a ring around each cylinder was in fact a very bad design. Instead of the sealant ring around each cylinder giving a higher clamping force where needed, (right around each cylinder.) it was spread out across the whole gasket, evening out the clamping force making the gasket need a much higher head bolt torque to acheive the same clamping force around the cylinders as the OEM design. Needles to say we now use OEM design gaskets and the original ARP torque spec on every job.

Black Onyx Gaskets Black Diamond Gaskets

Black Diamond VS OEM type sealant