The worlds most powerful Detroit Diesel
The Crew

Well, that is the most powerful per cubic inch. It's a small one, a 3-53, 159 cubic inches or 2.6 liters of 2-stroke power that lives in a 93 Toyota 1 ton dually. It all started in 2008 when I bought the truck. I liked it, but the original V6 kept blowing headgaskets, and the 14 mpg wasn't making me very happy either. So I had this aluminum military Gama Goat 3-53 Detroit sitting out back, just begging to be used. Having no other form of transportation, other than a bike, I got the engine in the truck in a record three days with a 5 speed T5 transmission behind it. After driving the truck for a few weeks, I installed a Banks turbo from 6.5 chevrolet diesel, and some n80 injectors. This made a nice difference, but being power hungry, after a few more weeks I threw in a set of m115 injectors from a previous project. This made a nicely powerfull and very smokey little engine! It was able to put out enough torque that it dumped the countershaft of the T5 on the road one night, so it got replaced with a world class T5 rated at 300 ft/lbs.

Jump forward to 2011, when I decided to enter it in a tractor pull just for fun. After two false starts, I managed to drag the sled 160 ft, I was hooked, this was going to be a pulling truck! I bought a factory silver series turbo to replace the missmatched Banks turbo, and tried again in 2012, this time I pulled 210 ft. Then I went right out and bought a set of 145mm injectors and made another pull several weeks later and pulled 260 ft, now I'm getting somewhere! In 2013 I pulled again, and shifted mid track, from 1st to second, and then back to first. The front tires lifted 5 ft off the ground and I pulled 296 ft and got 2nd place!